The Story of Stuff

21 03 2010

This woman is my hero.  I think I’m becoming granola.  Please take 20 minutes and check out this informative video.




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12 04 2010

I agree that we should all be good stewards with what we are blessed with here on earth. This video does have a general understanding of the problem with consumption BUT, there are too many vague generalities as well as false or misconstrued facts. Each statement this video makes has so much more that must be explained as well as refuted since most statements are outlandishly false and take no other insight into account.

I recommend watching this critique of the video in all its parts to get a bigger picture of how “Story of Stuff” purposely omits many truths as well as defames America. I believe it is done rather well and helps the viewer to understand that there is more going on than this one video depicts.

Search Youtube: Story of Stuff, The Critique

8 05 2010

thanks for this dusty. i definitely appreciate having more than one perspective in any conversation. i think for me, on this particular issue, facts are important but they are not what persuaded me. I posted this video not because it convinced me of anything, but rather expressed in a logical way an idea that i was already passionate about. i think there are more than enough messages in our society (and now being spread into other societies) that encourage us to consume, all without any connection to the consequences of such consumption. even if we aren’t, in fact, as the critique argues, operating in a “fixed” economy or resource system (which I think can still be debated), i’d rather not try to wring the earth out like a sponge trying to figure out new ways to accommodate my desire to consume, but instead look at the potential limits of our earth (the ones the God who made it put in place), and use that to keep a healthy check on what i use or deem “necessary” in my life. it almost seems Babel-esque to me to allow innovation to go unchecked, for the purpose of keeping my consumption level constant or allowing it to increase (b/c “the system” will naturally adjust itself). i’d rather be more proactive by adjusting my behavior to reduce the burden on the system and on creation, which God put under our care. modernization has made things so much more efficient for us, but it has also increased our consumption and waste. i personally am trying to make new choices to reduce my part of the demand on the planet, just so things can be “convenient.” this means recycling and using cloth bags at stores and using less paper napkins and not getting receipts printed at ATMs and using mugs at work instead of paper cups. there are so many things we can do to use less, and even though our society may have come up with ways to accommodate such consumption, i’d rather just reduce my consumption int he first place, and let those choices be an act of worship that rejects the consumeristic culture we live in and instead tries to turn that system back to God, being mindful that I am a steward, that i don’t need everything society tells me i do, and that God created us to connect with him through this process in the first place.

10 05 2010

Hey Manda!
Yes, I knew that was your stance on this topic. I do completely agree that we should not waste as well as be more mindful of the resources we have been blessed to have by the Lord. So, I agree with you. I don’t know if I personally, will be as diligent as you with paper, plastic, and other stuff but I do agree that we need to be wise about our consumption.

In watching the video, I got the sense of defamation of America, business, and capitalism. I believe both are terrific and can be used to better society and the world. The problem is with man’s sinful nature can take these to the horrific end and produce more sin. I believe the problem is with the heart of man. That must be changed before anything else can change. Point them to Christ and Christ will do the leading.

On the topic of the video, when it says that it is the Government’s job to take care of us, that got my ears perked up to see what else may be misleading or outright lies. No where in the constitution does it say that the Government’s job is to take care of us. In fact, the constitution states what the Gov’t is not supposed to do, like take away liberty, prohibit gatherings, not allow other religions, etc. (vaguely speaking)

A question for you though, since we as Christians know that, in Revelations, 1/3 of the population, 1/3 of the plant life, 1/3 of the animals, will be destroyed; and then another 1/3, then another 1/3. Is this not a dying planet? As a believer, would this not be an exercise in futility since the entire world will burn in the end? As well as the Creator of it all will come back and redeem it? I do not say this to point out that we can waste or resources but rather, I keep my perspective on the Kingdom to come. (I am not saying that you are not thinking of the kingdom to come. 🙂 )

Another question, why make this life better on this world for someone to go to hell from? Would it be good to make someone’s life happy here on earth only to see them go to hell when they die? I lean toward helping a person inherit eternal life first and then make their life better here on earth. The other way would seem backwards to me as a Christ follower. Am I wrong or ignorant of another perspective? I ask more as a means of understanding not questioning you. So, I hope you take these questions as you normally would, as a brother in Christ working with his sister in Christ to better Christ followers.

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