A Borrowed Word…

4 01 2009

This encouraged me today from a website I frequent called Sacred Space, and I want to pass it along:

The week after Christmas can be a time of anticlimax, of crackers cracked and bottles emptied, the fun and excitement just a cold memory. We cannot live our whole life in a buzz of exhilaration, even religious exhilaration. Even a charismatic service, with ecstatic crowds and catchy music, can leave a morning-after feeling. As Joseph brought Mary and Jesus down to Egypt, dodging soldiers and footpads, the adoring shepherds and the jubilant angels were just a memory. In Jesus’ parables, the kingdom of God advances not by fireworks and peak experiences, but by trickling increment, by quiet, organic growth like the mustard seed or the leaven in the lump. Thank you, Lord, for the high moments; but when they are past, let me be good leaven.

I’m starting 2009 with a lot of fear about the change that is coming my way, and all the things that are still unknown.  And at the beginning of a new year, when the wheels that we spin feel like they might get a little more traction, my default is to dream big: big purpose, big change, big impact.  This prayer was a helpful reminder that big impact with God often comes in the tiniest of ways: in faithfulness, trust and perseverance.

In 2009, I want to look for the leaven instead of the loaf.